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VDS (virtual) servers

Servers have 1Gbit/s port speed and are provided with unlimited traffic. There are VDS server sales cover locations like Azerbaijan, Russia and Germany. Servers shown on the site are ready-made packages and will be installed within 24 hours after the order made. In addition, you can order another server package according to your desire.


from 20⫙


  • 1CPU/20GB/1GB DDR3/1 IP - 20 ⫙
  • 1CPU/30GB/2GB DDR3/1 IP - 30 ⫙
  • 2CPU/50GB/4GB DDR3/1 IP - 40 ⫙
  • 4CPU/100GB/8GB DDR3/1 IP - 60 ⫙
  • 4CPU/200GB/16GB DDR4/1 IP - 100 ⫙
  • 8CPU/300GB/16GB DDR4/1 IP - 120 ⫙
  • 8CPU/300GB/32GB DDR4/1 IP - 150 ⫙
  • 16CPU/500GB/32GB DDR4/1 IP - 170 ⫙


from 15⫙


  • 1CPU/30GB/2GB DDR4/1 IP - 15 ⫙
  • 2CPU/50GB/4GB DDR4/1 IP - 25 ⫙
  • 2CPU/100GB/8GB DDR4/1 IP - 35 ⫙
  • 4CPU/200GB/16GB DDR4/1 IP - 70 ⫙
  • 8CPU/500GB/16GB DDR4/1 IP - 60 ⫙
  • 8CPU/300GB/32GB DDR4/1 IP - 100 ⫙
  • 8CPU/1000GB/32GB DDR4/1 IP - 120 ⫙
  • 16CPU/2000GB/64GB DDR4/1 IP - 150 ⫙


from 20⫙


  • 1CPU/20GB/512MB DDR3/1 IP - 20 ⫙
  • 2CPU/30GB/1GB DDR3/1 IP - 40 ⫙
  • 2CPU/50GB/2GB DDR3/1 IP - 60 ⫙
  • 2CPU/80GB/4GB DDR3/1 IP - 80 ⫙
  • 4CPU/100GB/8GB DDR3/1 IP - 160 ⫙
  • 8CPU/200GB/16GB DDR3/1 IP - 300 ⫙

Additonal information on virtual servers

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

DirectAdmin Web Control panel and its installation services are free of charge on VDS servers in Russia (included in price). Installation and control panel services are not included in the prices on VDS servers in Germany and Azerbaijan. It’s possible to buy servers without panel. Furthermore, the control panels (Directadmin, Cpanel, ISPmanager etc.) can be installed with additional fee according to your request. We would like to note that AZ-Hosting LLC provides all control panels fully licensed. Do not use nulled and fake panels available in the market. This can lead your server to wipe out.
Unlimited traffic will be provided with all the packages. You can add to the servers the extra disc space, RAM, CPU, IP address. One additional IP costs 3 AZN per month. You can contact us to get information about the prices of other services.
Unlike web hosting, servers are at your own disposal, therefore you can use your server easily without depending on other users. However, it needs to be taken into consideration that unauthorized contents (adult material, spam, bot script etc.) mentioned on “Rules” section of our site will be applied to your servers too.
As your web site grows and the number of visitors increases, the hosting package in use may not be sufficient enough to meet the requirements of your site and resources can be not enough. In this case, you will be able to operate your sites in the virtual server provided to you with its personal resources separated from other users in the server. VDS is also convenient for corporate customers who want to store their large data. Furthermore, VDS servers are an excellent choice for people who want to make hosting and site sales.